European Tourism - 4 Must Visit Casinos in Europe

When you are traveling around Europe make sure you visit European casinos that are real tourist attractions. People who love to spend their leisure time in casinos should know that Europe is home to some of the world’s best casinos.

1. Casino of Monte-Carlo in Monaco. (Place du Casino)
This is a casino that has made a great tourists’ attraction for this city. The main activities here involve gambling and people watching. Tourists love to gaze at its remarkable interior décor and paintings. It is one of the most visited places in Europe due to its authentic style and class. Tourists have to come in the evening so that they can enjoy the casino experience to the fullest.

2. Hotel Nikko Düsseldorf Casino
You need to visit Nikko Düsseldorf hotel casino for a complete European casino experience. This is a luxurious hotel that is situated within a walking distance from Rhine River Promenade. It would be very convenient for any tourist as it would offer a chance to shop at the Rhine River Promenade and then walk to the casino in the evening.

3. Casino Baden-Baden, Germany
This is a European Casino that has a combination of great atmosphere and good times. It is well established since it was founded in 1809. If you love people-watching, this is a perfect place for you since for ages now it has been an exclusive meeting place for the elite people in the society. The Casino’s working hours are from 2pm-2am but the action is at its climax at around 10pm.

4. Casino Square
Any tourist would certainly love to enjoy the activities at casino square in Monte Carlo, Monaco. The gambling, people watching and most importantly high-end car watching activities make it a worthy place to visit. The casino square is always crowded during the day. The Square hosts the casino on one side, Hôtel de Paris on another side; a cluster of buildings on one side and the other side has the view of mountains that back Monte Carlo.
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